Women in Politics is topic of Covington author Kathy Groob’s Book

River City News – After holding over 20 book signings across the country for her book Pink Politics, Covington Author and political consultant Kathy Groob is holding a book event in her hometown on Saturday at Roebling Point Books & Coffee (10:00 a.m. – noon).

Groob will be signing books and holding a discussion about what is happening on the national level to elect more women to public office.

Kathy Groob launched her Pink Politics book tour in 2012. In this book, subtitled “The Woman’s Practical Guide to Winning Elections”, Groob tells of her own experiences as a candidate and offers women a realistic assessment of what it takes to run a winning campaign. The book gets to the heart of what women need to know before running for office or as they are kicking off their candidacy for public office.

Groob held speaking events in Bowling Green and Louisville, Wisconsin, New York, California, Minnesota, Florida, West Virginia and several throughout Ohio. “I’m energized by the women I have met throughout the country who are interested in running for office themselves or helping others to run successfully. We’re building a movement with so many outstanding organizations and individuals dedicated to the cause. I am proud to be part of the national trend to elect more women to pubic office,” says Kathy Groob.

“Drawing upon my own experiences and from the women candidates I’ve worked with and supported, PINK POLITICS is the practical guide women need when making the decision to run for office,” says author Kathy Groob. “Women candidates still face huge obstacles to running for office but with a roadmap, they can find their way.”

Pink Politics does more than define proven campaign strategies, Groob says. It offers stories about women candidates running for office at the local and national levels, and how they addressed challenges that all women candidates face. “Pink Politics offers women a comprehensive, practical guide to running for office and about challenges they will face before throwing their hat into the ring,” said Diane Whalen, the longtime mayor of Florence.

The book covers the topics of determining which office to seek, making campaign announcements and securing commitments, building a campaign team and organizing volunteers, identifying donors and building a fundraising plan, crafting an effective campaign message and how to spend dollars, and developing a grassroots effort in outworking your opponent.

“Women candidates can win but the learning curve is steep,” Groob said. “They need to know what to expect and how to be great candidates. I wish I had more resources for women when I first ran for office. This book gives women the lessons and advice they need to be strong and to win.”

Siobhan “Sam” Bennett, President and CEO of The Women’s Campaign Fund and She Should Run calls Pink Politics an “impressive, must-read” for women candidates.

“Pink Politics is a step-by-step primer on how to build a winning campaign, built on wisdom of scores of races, assembled together to benefit all women seeking elected office,” Bennett said in a news release. “Research shows women hesitate to run because they don’t feel qualified. This book gives them the practical ‘nuts and bolts’ information needed to overcome those concerns, run and win!”

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