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Coming Soon – Beechwood Notecards

Packs of 10 Beechwood note cards and matching envelopes will be available soon through my website. Stay tuned.

Triptych Completed

Working from a photo, I recently completed a triptych painting - three 30" x 48" coastal scenes, soft and dreamy. These large paintings took a lot of space in my studio to complete, but the finished...
IMG_8638 2

Summer Skies

This summer, I am all about the beautiful skies of Florida. Dramatic sunsets and gorgeous sunrises fill the hot summer days. Whether it's smoke, Sahara dust or just the sun putting on a show for us,...

Looking Back on 8 Years of Painting – Part 2

Phase two of my artist career involves having my own studio. I was lucky to secure a sub-lease on a small studio at Pendleton Art Center in Cincinnati in 2020. This was during the height of...

Looking Back on 8 Years of Painting – Part 1

I am often asked when did I begin painting? My love of art and art history goes back to my elementary years at Beechwood, but I wasn't born a natural art talent. While spending a year...